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1st Street Pedestrian Bridge

Observation platform on the west side of the 1st Street pedestrian bridge

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  1. On May 1, 2011 I attached a "Travel Bug" decal to this piano. This is an something that allows geocachers to track an item's travels. To see the tracking page for it, go to

    It was logged a couple of times while the piano was out on the bridge, but not since. I'm hoping that some day a geocacher will spot it, log it, and let us know where this piano has been moved to.
  2. My fiance and I went out to several of the pianos and used the footage for the band's first single, "Aftermath" from our record "The Drug" due out later this year.
  3. We went to several of the pianos and filmed a video for our first single from the new Quiet Company album. Enjoy!
  4. Just want to say thanks for the experience! I was oddly nervous, but fially got the play at the very end of the project. It was so liberating to sit outside, listening to the sounds of the traffic on one side and the trail on the other, with the wind blowing. It was so easy to get lost in the music. Now I walk the trail and feel wistful, still glancing around to see if there is a piano out there that may have been left behind....
  5. A friend of mine decided to play one of the pianos at austin, and i wish i couldve recorded more.

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