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Frost Bank Tower

27 stories & pictures about “Frost Bank Tower”

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  1. My "Imagine" duet with a complete stranger.. Thanks so much for this amazing memory
  2. The decorations are fun and wonderful but if I am being completely honest, looking through the pictures back to the first ones taken, I do miss the first undecorated pianos.

    Could we have another surface for our artists to express themselves next to the pianos instead of on the pianos.

    I hate the feel of painted keys with letters and other distracting tactile markers. It takes away from the playing experience.

    Thanks for this project.
  3. KLRU Collective captures the installation of the last piano in the Play Me, I'm Yours Austin project.
  4. 77 year old mother in town visiting. She played and sang. Great idea!
  5. My friend Jared playing his favorite tune in Austin!

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