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Wooldridge Square Gazebo

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  1. Pink park piano.
  2. Just wanted to share this text that I just received from my son...

    "the one thing that made my day good so far is the fact that there was an art piano outside and I just got back from playing it. I sat and played and sung and people started to gather to hear these songs I wrote, and after I was done I got compliments and its a great feeling. I mean I'm just a normal person walking down the street everyday but when I play and sing people stop and listen to me and for those few moments I'm special.

    Thanks Art Alliance!
  3. 5 1/2 year-old Milo croons a song he write for his baby brother.
  4. Almost a self fulfilling prophecy when I got a parket ticket. Thankfully it was only a warning.
  5. Franz Doppler, Andante et Rondo Op. 25. We played at several of the "Play Me I'm Yours" pianos in downtown Austin, and finally got all the way through without the wind blowing our music away!

    The piano was very much out of tune, and we had some rough spots (especially when it got too dark to read the music), but it's something we'll always remember.

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