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  1. Hello Harriet's Mum.

    We're so sorry but we are not able to replace the piano in Ightenhill Park. There are two in Padiham which may be your nearest other ones. One is outside Padiham Leisure Centre and one is in Padiham Memorial Park. There are several others in Burnley, and more in Blackburn. Please check the other locations and hopefully there are others pianos you can visit.

    Arts Development Team
  2. Will it be coming back? We were looking forward to having a look today!
  3. Poem........

    Piano in the Park.
    “Play me, I’m Yours”, it said,
    a piano plonked in the park
    by a picnic spot .
    No one about.
    Empty cider bottles on the graffitied table.
    “Gazzer did it with Sophie on this spot
    and she’s a two timing cow”.

    My dog off chasing pigeons,
    Grade 2 repertoire flexes its fingers.
    I sit on the chained chair
    and play, faltering, “Farewell to Stromness” .

    Long skies stretch to touch the pole.
    A line of whale blue islands
    settles slowly, like a sigh.
    The heart jolts with each pull of the straining oars,
    and the backwards surge
    of the boat through headland tides.

    Tonight they will creep out of the shadows
    to touch this park invader,
    jump at the jangle of sounds they cannot order,
    send for the petrol and the lighters.
  4. Sadly we've had to take the Ightenhill Park piano away as it was damaged overnight.
  5. Dana Elizabeth and her great-grandnana Anne were on an adventure in Ightenhill park and found this brightly coloured piano to play

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