Colmore Junior & Infant Schools

Location: Colmore Junior & Infant Schools, Colmore Rd, Kings Heath, B14 6AJ

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    (poem dedicated to class 6)

    The piano was there
    It made all stop and stare
    The piano was there
    For everyone to share

    It arrived one dreary day
    To bring delight and play
    It sat among the puddles
    Until the children came in huddles

    Most children played the piano
    But not Georgia and Hannah
    They sat on it, with Kai and Billy
    Class six didn't think it was silly

    Parents sneakily tried it out
    When they thought the teachers weren't about
    Mr Gregory frowned as he heard
    Their noise-it was absurd!

    But all in all it was agreed
    The piano did a marvellous deed
    It brought a marvellous sense of cheer
    For everyone to hear.
  2. Samuel Pepys aka Bob Sanderson of the Tempus Fugit Theater Co working with infants pupils.
  3. More mad scientists from Class 3 take over the piano!
  4. Nursery teacher Miss Osbourne pays the piano a visit before her wedding this weekend! Congratulations!
  5. It's science week at Colmore. Today we all came dressed up as crazy scientists and played wild tunes on the pino.

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