Pianos in Bristol:

Broadmead Podium

Location: Broadmead Podium, outside Vodafone

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  1. I spent lunch time sitting in the sunshine in Broadmead on Wednesday September 9th. It was a wonderful experience. I saw and heard children, teenagers and adults of all ages playing the piano. I heard Bristolians and visitors from Italy and Amsterdam playing the piano. One Italian guy played and sang 'Hey Jude'. The young guy wearing the hat in the pic had just arrived from Amsterdam and played John Lennon's 'Imagine' on request. A four year old Bristolian girl improvised for about 15 minutes, using the full keyboard and even used the pedals!! An older Bristolian woman drew a large crowd as she competently played Church Hymns. Some teenagers had fun trying out tunes on one hand and one young guy taught his girlfriend to play chords and she accompanied him as he played the right hand melody. Peoples lives were enchanced and inspired. Magic was in the air.
    Thankyou to the artist who created this Piano project for 3 weeks all over Bristol.
    Please take the project to Dublin where it would be a Sensation.
    The Irish Dancing Olive
  2. I saw some young guy playing it on Saturday, really good! Great idea, well done.
  3. smile your on piano!
  4. Continued From: Castle Park Bandstand

    This was piano number 7.

    Played 5th September 2009 11:15

    Award To This Piano: Most Passers-by

    Next stop: Portland Square
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