Pianos in Bristol:

Broadmead Podium

Location: Broadmead Podium, outside Vodafone

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  1. . We were in Town and Jack saw it and wanted to play.
  2. Sammi Playing On An Outdoor Piano In Bristol.
  3. the entertainer!
  4. Of course, I had to have a go...Chariots of Fire style!
  5. This is fantastic!

    I walked through Queen Square yesterday lunchtime ... ended up sitting by the piano just to watch and listen; the atmosphere was wonderful. All sorts of people wandered up to play - and played really well. An elderly lady being wheeled in a wheelchair was tapping her feet and clearly loved listening to the rock and roll being played - she was smiling so much, just great to see. As always, music unites and brings happiness.

    Thank you for bringing this to Bristol.

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