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Queen Square

Location: Queen Square

Sorry to say the naughty pixies have been out again and we have had to remove the piano again this morning as it’s no longer playable.

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  1. We have taken this piano away to be repaired, hopefully it will be back on Tuesday 15 September.
  2. It's been lovely listening to people play the piano whilst walking through Queens Square on the way to work - you've cheered me up no end!
  3. This is fantastic!

    I walked through Queen Square yesterday lunchtime ... ended up sitting by the piano just to watch and listen; the atmosphere was wonderful. All sorts of people wandered up to play - and played really well. An elderly lady being wheeled in a wheelchair was tapping her feet and clearly loved listening to the rock and roll being played - she was smiling so much, just great to see. As always, music unites and brings happiness.

    Thank you for bringing this to Bristol.
  4. Fantastic fun
  5. I can't fit a proper piano in my flat; cheers to everyone who made this project possible; great to hear ivories being tickled as I stroll through the square.

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