Pianos in Bristol:

Queen Square

Location: Queen Square

Sorry to say the naughty pixies have been out again and we have had to remove the piano again this morning as it’s no longer playable.

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  1. Good news is that this piano is returning!! Organisers have found a way to disable the piano each night. No lock required!!
  2. Stunning day, stunning music. Thank you for such a great artwork. So sad to hear this piano has had to be moved. I want it back!!
  3. I took this the night before it was removed permanently. Sad to see it go as this was the first one I found and my fav. Watching people playing and playing the pianos myself has made several of my afternoons! Thank you!!

  4. This piano will be very muchly missed... Just glad to hear it wasn't another arson victim!
  5. Recorded in Queens Square in Bristol at 01:45 on the 13.9.9 This is what happens when you leave pianos lying around the place. Shot on my SE-C902 cameraphone

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