Pianos in Bury St Edmunds:

Moreton Hall

Location: Symonds Rd, Bury St Edmunds, IP32 7EE

Playing times: 9am - 6pm

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  1. The piano is still going to find a good use after being here! It's parts are going to be used by other sick pianos in need of some extra parts and the wood is going to become part of an installation!

    It's a real shame that the kids didn't help us look after it, but wouldn't it be boring if the pianos were all in safe places! Lots of people played it before it got ill, so I think it was all worthwhile!
  2. Many of the ivories are missing
  3. Somebody has completely removed the hammers from inside this piano!
  4. Seems this piano was trashed by local kids. Totally unplayable now, a real shame. I heard it was going to be donated to the community centre afterwards.
  5. Roll over Beethoven !!

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