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Blue Ash Square

Hunt and Cooper Roads

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  1. Back again one more time at least....Was late to work 'cause I couldn't drag myself away.

    Love this location!

  2. We had more sunny fun this week! Dixieland music on Tuesday and more woodwinds and piano 4-hands on Thursday. The joys of the piano!
  3. Got back here early, but not for long.

    It was nice and peaceful; this is one of my favorite locations.
  4. Loved the location for this one! The area is welcoming, with gorgeous flowers (City of Blue Ash, just what do you feed those flowers?!?). The piano sounded pretty good to me (I'm not a pro!)... and I had a lot of fun playing songs I hadn't played in a few years...
  5. We made great music...well FUN music this morning with the Mariah wind quintet, and no one remembered to take a picture! We'll have to get one next time.

    One drawback to this piano: It's about 1/2 step flat, so if you play with instruments, as I did this a.m., the poor pianist has to transpose! Well, it was good practice for me, and better 1/2 step than 1/4 step, as I'm not too good at playing in the cracks!

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