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Clifton Cultural Arts Center

3711 Clifton Ave.

Extended play: this piano will be available until September 17.

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  1. Getting down to the end now. I played this one Sunday August 29th. A little out of tune, but in pretty good shape for being outside like this. I really liked the colors. This was piano number 38 for me.
  2. I played this one this morning. It's rough, but I can understand the wear and tear in the sun and fun.

    Not all that hot to play, but the middle was not too badly out of tune.

  3. This is the reason I have not played this instrument yet. The day we went out, this piano was completely taken apart and a guy was hard at work repairing/ tuning it. I'm glad it's on extended play so I have a chance to get to it before the 17th. This photo was one of the few taken by me (since I couldn't play, for obvious reasons.)
  4. Thirtieth stop! This was at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center. Beautifully painted piano, but the lower register and high register notes were VERY out of tune. Either way, I was still able to play some good stuff. Met a few dog-walkers and a nice lady from Spain and her little boy. I also ran into Carver Scott as I was leaving and he was arriving; you can see and hear his great stuff a few posts below this one!
  5. Twice as fun when you bring your best friend!

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