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Coffee Emporium

110 East Central Parkway

This piano is available from August 27 – September 17

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  1. I was the last person to play this one before the took it away to deliver it to one of the schools............they were unhooking the bench from the piano before I even got off the bench! A few people from work had come down to hear me play that day and within the time my boss went into the Coffee Emporium and returned, the piano was already put in the moving truck and gone! Sorry to see the pianos go away.
  2. Sadness. The pianos downtown are all gone. I still played a piano every day until yesterday, which is quite an accomplishment. Will check Sawyer Point this afternoon after work, but I doubt it will still be there.
  3. Played this one the other day. Right out up front location, and a pretty nice piano.

    I'll be sorry to see it go. I had some appreciative comments.

  4. Having the painted pianos around town was an awesome idea. It has done just what Luke Jerram intended it to do.........get people talking to each other. Since I've been going around town playing some of them, I've conversed with a number of people and even found some new places to eat, etc. Everyone has been so friendly and appreciative of the music I'm playing. Most of the time I play in my apartment where only my neighbors can hear me, so getting out to entertain others has been a real pleasure. There have been a couple times in the past where I would see someone playing an instrument on a street corner, and I would think wouldn't it be nice if I could play my piano out in public like that? When I heard about the painted pianos coming to Cincinnati, I thought well now I get my chance to play on a street corner!! Thanks to Luke Jerram for coming up with the idea and thanks to Cincinnati Public Radio for bringing this to our city. We need to do this again!
  5. "Stay off my Middle C," the only sounds of discord as Peggy S. and Betty P. share the keys for duets with attitude and accessories at Coffee Emporium

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