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Coffee Emporium

110 East Central Parkway

This piano is available from August 27 – September 17

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  1. Duets with Accessories at Coffee Emporium . Peggy and Betty ("GUC alumni) added cream (and costume pieces) to their musical coffees, taking turns being "Primo, " or "Secondo." Old friends, new friends and 2 Italian greyhounds enjoyed the open sounds of Beethoven, Chopin, and others.
  2. The coolest thing about this one, other than being #41 on the list, is finding a new lunch venue that is not all that far from my work. Great frosty drinks, too. This piano was the one at the Freedom Center, but it was in much better shape when I played it there the first week. As Jeremy noted, the G string was not damping properly (or at all.) I tried to play things that would make that not quite so annoying.

    My husband and I will definitely be back for lunch sometime after all this is over. If nothing else, this project is great for getting people to get out and explore their city.

    Now I have to decide if I really want to hit the last piano tonight. Something about the symmetry of hitting all the pianos within the month of August is appealing to me, but part of me wants to drag it out a little longer. I've had so much fun with this; I really don't want it to be over.
  3. Fortieth spot on the tour (two to go!)...the Coffee Emporium coffeehouse on Central Parkway. This piano used to be at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. The piano wasn't bad, though the G below Middle C wouldn't dampen properly. I had never been to this coffeehouse until now; it's very nice! Piano or not, I'll have to come back. Had a few onlookers, but I learned (after I went in to order a drink) that the piano is somewhat audible within the building, so everyone hanging out inside could hear it.

    Below is some footage of me just sort of fooling around on the piano here...this is what I normally do when I sit down at a piano these days. Nothing planned, nothing practiced, just random stuff. The first piece is an old ballad called "Gone With the Wind," and I sort of move into "Little Coquette," which I posted earlier in a more complete form. Forgive me, I space out a couple of times during "Gone With the Wind." I wasn't concentrating well because my two-year old son was about to have a meltdown, and I was going on three-hours' worth of sleep. No biggie, this is just for fun!

  4. I played very quickly this morning; another really nice piano to play, which is good, because the coffe house patrons are Right there.

    Really in good shape overall,

  5. A patron of the Coffee Emporium sat down as soon as the piano was installed.

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