Pianos remaining after August 27:

Previous pianos in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky:

Previous pianos in suburban Cincinnati and Warren and Butler Counties:

Findlay Market

Elm Street Esplanade

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  1. I just read what I wrote. My apologies for the grammatical etc. errors - should have proofread it before I submitted it!...
  2. My comment is not favorable.......My friend and I went to look at & play, a second time, MY PIANO HERE AT FINDLAY MARKET (I DONATED IT). It was Aug. 27, 2010 and, it was stated here at this website that the pianos would remain UNTIL AFTER AUG. 27. They did not. Mine, & many others were already gone by mid-afternoon that day. We first went to the Fitton Center where in Hamilton where I live. It was there, beautiful, & we played it. Next was Wyoming Arts Center, the same. Next was the Wyoming Arts Center, also there, & beautiful. THEN WE PROCEEDED TO UNION TERMINAL MUSEUM, CIN. LIBRARY, MUSIC HALL, & LINN STREET. ALL GONE! After these disappointments, we decided to try one last place, FOUNTAIN SQUARE. THOSE WERE STILL THERE & we played them. En route home to Hamilton, we tried JUNGLES JIM'S - GONE!......Needless to say the day was rather disappointing, & we would like to know WHY THE HURRY? If someone in the know wants to respond to this, I would appreciate it.
  3. This piano was one of the coolest from a paint perspective. The little blue spider was neat, and the pumpkin and ghost were a nice Oktoberfest/ Halloween touch. It also was in reasonably good shape and tune. Photo taken 8-13-10. I meant to get back to this one for a second time, but I never made it back.
  4. me visiting the Findlay Market piano
  5. I bike past Findlay Market most days on my commute home. The piano looked interesting but I just sped past until this Monday when I saw a guy actually sitting on the bench playing a tune. I passed the piano but then turned around and went back to take a turn myself. The fellow graciously invited me to join him and we enjoyed a fun, impromptu duet. It was a great way to end the day.


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