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Fountain Square East

511 Walnut Street .

Extended play: this piano will be available until Sept 17.

Piano painted by Artworks

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  1. No photo - just a comment on what fun it was to have the unlikely experience of playing a piano on Fountain Square. I played "Amazing Grace" and wished just that for our whole city. As they did for all players, the group standing around applauded. The pianos certainly served their purpose of bringing people together, if only for a short time.
  2. I actually played this one the first day, and almost every weekday thereafter, as it is within 5 minutes of my work. My son and husband came for lunch on 8-16-10 and Stephen took this photo.

    The guy on the bench with me is just one of those over friendly denizens of downtown. He was a very appreciative audience (also relished the attention, I think.)

    I walked over today and was pleased to see it had not gone away yet-- I was bummed earlier in the day to find that the Library piano had already gone. I have thus far kept up my streak of playing at least one of the street pianos every day since they came out on 8-9-10. It's been a fantastic adventure. I will especially miss this one, and I was glad I got to say goodbye. Though keeping at least one on the Square would be a neat way to keep downtown conscious of the project. I'd love to see this one get extended play.
  3. me visiting Fountain Square East piano
  4. A unique perspective of players
  5. Having some fun after Salsa on the Square. :)

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