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Fountain Square East

511 Walnut Street .

Extended play: this piano will be available until Sept 17.

Piano painted by Artworks

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  1. Havin fun searchin town for the pianos...
  2. Hi Rebecca,
    I'll look into it. I went there this morning and its really difficult to play and concentrate with TV commercials barking at you. I can't think of any major public square in Europe where owners would want to bombard visitors with loud advertising in this way. I compare it to European squares as it does seem to be based on a European model of a square, with fountains and public seating etc, (rather than a Times Sq approach). I'm not sure the two models can work together - an either or situation.
  3. Yes Dean, this is a great piano but real shame its underneath the speakers blearing out TV adverts. Can the piano be moved or can they switch the speakers off?
  4. Filmed this guy today. He stopped singing as soon as he spotted I was listening. After some persuasion he carried on .Turned out he wrote the song himself. Nice guy, great voice too!
  5. Both pianos play very well. It's a real shame that there are loud speakers above each piano on the Square playing loud music. Bad planning on this one.

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