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Fountain Square West

520 Vine St

Extended play: this piano will be available until Sept 17.

30 stories & pictures about “Fountain Square West”

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  1. Oyster Fest! Beautiful weather:)
  2. Cincinnati Contradancers with band Pigtown Alley and caller Frank Buschelman on Sunday August 22nd. We were getting hot and then the sun went behind the building across the street and reenergized us! Video by Colleen Finegan.
  3. This was a cool instrument the first day-- I played it for the kickoff but don't have a photo from that day handy. I think my husband has that one one his phone.

    The times I played it after, though, it got progressively worse. By the end you could hear the strings jangling inside. I hope they can repair it for whatever community center or local child they give it to.

    This photo is from 8-16-10. My son captured the square behind me very nicely, I think.
  4. me visiting the Fountain Square West piano
  5. Pigtown Alley playing tunes for our Sunday afternoon contra dance on the Square

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