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Jungle Jims International Market

5440 Dixie Highway, Fairfield

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  1. This one gave me an opportunity to introduce my husband to the wonders of Jungle Jim's. The piano itself was in great shape, but the location was, as others have pointed out, a bit noisy. I just played it again at Miami University today, though, and that spot is much quieter. I just hope the instrument holds up out in the open like it is there. This photo taken 8-21-10 during the rainy Road Trip.
  2. Thanks to all who visited the piano at Jungle Jim's. Its playing time has now ended and the piano moved to Miami University. We appreciate everyone's support of Play Me I'm Yours.
  3. So much fun!

    We enjoyed being the "piano buddies" for Jungle Jim's! Great sounding piano!

    And, we want to thank the staff at Jungle Jim's for all their help. We sure enjoyed our experience!

    And, a special thanks to all who stopped and shared their musical talent with us! Thank you!

    Piano Buddies Ron & Ann
  4. Enjoyed listening to Ron play on Jungle Jim's piano.
  5. Came back to play this one early in the morning (before all the noise) and it was locked behind a sliding chain-link fence.

    Too bad it's not accessible 24/7 like so many others.

    It was a bit of a noisy spot.


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