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Loveland Music Academy

209 W. Loveland Ave, Loveland.

Extended play: this piano will be available until September 6.

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  1. Rode our bikes from Lindenwald to Uptown Hamilton. At the end of the trail was of course the Fitton Center for the Creative and Performing Arts. Had to stop for a "Play Me I'm Yours/Kodak Moment". My Granddaughter Corinna Gunnell accompanied me in this duet. Thank you Play Me I'm Yours.
  2. what it looks like now. go check it out its still around. the music academy owns it now.
  3. I'm so sorry to see this one go; I only played it once, but I'll always recall it sounded glorious with the lid up!

    Fare thee well!

  4. FUN!!
  5. This one was in great condition when I played it on 8-22-10. The only complaint I had was the traffic noise behind me. As others have commented, this was a player piano at one time. It had a very neat and unique sound. I'll have to try to play this one again.

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