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Madisonville Arts Center

5021 Whetsel Ave.

Extended play: this piano will be available until September 17.

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  1. I've been to 27 painos..This one was by far the worst.
  2. This piano had one of the best paint jobs I had seen, but it was horribly out of tune. And even on a Sunday morning, the very closed and locked arts center had a speaker playing Sunday Baroque right above me. I gritted my teeth and played it anyway, since I was determined to play them all, but the result was a little too 20th century chaotic for my tastes. I also tried to play along to the radio, but G and G sharp were about equally far from the key of whatever concerto WGUC was playing.

    I hope they can get this one into better tune and I can play it again before all is over-- and that they shut off the speaker above the piano.

    Photo taken 8-15-10 by Stephen.
  3. I loved the painting on this one (the IPOD theme), but it's frankly wasted. There were many bad notes, way off key, just clangy and bangy and quite disappointing.

    It only sounded any decent at all in the high end; above G above middle C.

    The paint job is quite cool, however. It's the hip hop piano, but it's tore up.

    Even though it was out 'on the street' the Arts Center was blaring radio broadcast classical music, and I could play along somewhat, but between the racket and the condition of thie instrument, it wasn't too thrilling to try to play anything.

  4. We found another one! I think they are up to 23 pianos!
  5. Harrison is trying to play every piano. After 10 days in Florida, he is back. This is piano number 3.

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