Pianos remaining after August 27:

Previous pianos in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky:

Previous pianos in suburban Cincinnati and Warren and Butler Counties:


6th and Main Covington.

Piano painted by Artworks

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  1. I played the piano here several times, and it was always in reasonably good shape. Being able to see the inner workings through the clear plastic was a real treat, and the artwork on this one was outstanding. This photo is from the 12th.
  2. me at the Mainstrasse piano
  3. Can you give us a list of all the pianos that have been moved and where to?
  4. Thanks to all who visited the piano at Mainstrasse. Its playing time has now ended and the piano moved to Northern Kentucky University. We appreciate everyone's support of Play Me I'm Yours.
  5. I played Scott Joplin's "Maple Leaf Rag."

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