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Miami University Campus – Shriver Center

Spring St, Oxford.

This piano is available from August 27 – September 17.

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  1. Delta Omicron is a professional music fraternity. We decided to sing one of our songs using the piano in the plaza. It was a great time! We actually even ended up doing it another time the next week!
  2. Thirty fourth Stop- Miami University at the Shriver Center. Couldn't ask for a more beautiful day to trek up to Oxford. This piano used to be at Jungle Jim's, but was moved to this spot earlier this same day. The college kids seemed to really enjoy the music; a small group of guys walked behind me while I was playing and danced all the way down the sidewalk.
  3. Oh-- the little yellow post it note in my photo was there when I arrived-- it said "Be Creative!" and had a little cat drawn on it. Thanks to whoever left it for me. I did my best.
  4. This was my last stop for the day, very far from home, but worth the trip. This was the piano in Jungle Jim's, and it still sounds great. The view of the fountain off to my right was lovely, too. I worry how the weather will treat this one, but it is in a spot to get lots of attention from students and today it was really gorgeous out.

    This piano marks the 37th I have played thus far-- I should easily get the other five over the next couple of days, especially having got the ones furthest from me out of the way today.

    Still looking for a location as good as the one at Sawyer Point to make another video of a couple of other songs.
  5. Jeannie played a tune right after the piano was installed.

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