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Montgomery City District

Parrott Alley, Montgomery.

Extended play: this piano will be available until September 17.

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  1. Played this one one last time this morning. It was the first I played when they came out, and regrettably, will also be the last.
    I really enjoyed this piano and it's location. Good spot to draw a crowd.

    Keys are sticking....

  2. Bad news. I stopped by after work to play this one yesterday and (for the first time) I found keys sticking/not striking.

    I think it needs some TLC. I was really shocked, because, though I could tell there was some kind of hammer-alignment problem in the low end, I hadn't experienced keys failing more or less consistently on this one; my fave of the lot for location & condition.

    The lowest D flat, and 2 F's below middle c...


  3. Got back yesterday afternoon. I drew a small crowd with a piano transcription of Bruckner's Symphony 6 in A major...

    Played a bunch of other great music, and jammed. Great way to wind down after work!

    The low end needs work. The tuning is a bit off and some very low key are striking weirdly...

    The high end sounds GREAT, and is pretty well tuned, too.

    Thanks to the piano technicians everywhere!! You make this so more viable with your good work.

  4. Heading back here today about 1:30 PM...

  5. I think this piano had one of the best spots! Wow!

    I've seen a few pictures of people with "Play Me, I'm Yours" shirts. Are those available to buy somewhere?

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