Pianos remaining after August 27:

Previous pianos in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky:

Previous pianos in suburban Cincinnati and Warren and Butler Counties:

Music Hall

1241 Elm Street.

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  1. This one was in pretty decent shape the day I played it, but even better was meeting one of the piano tuners as I finished. I had been wondering how on earth these pianos were going to stay playable for three weeks in all the heat and rain. This photo was taken by my son Stephen on 8-13-10. I like how he caught so much of music hall and just enough of me.
  2. me visiting the Music Hall piano
  3. Thanks to all who visited the piano at Music Hall. Its playing time has now ended. We appreciate everyone's support of Play Me I'm Yours.
  4. My contribution to the "Play Me, I'm Yours" project is performing Charles Ives's "Variations on America" (arranged for piano). Here I'm performing Variation 3 very much under tempo! A kind man helped hold the pages down because it was so windy.

    I will be blogging about each movement on my website (http://jenniferjolley.blogspot.com/). Stay posted!
  5. Performing 'Blue Bossa' at Music Hall. The wind starting blowing really hard when we recorded this so it's a lil hard to hear.

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