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Northgate Mall

9501 Colerain Ave.

This piano is available from August 27 – September 17.

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  1. In its new home at Somerset Academy of Music in Loveland.
    Thanks PMIY!
  2. Played this one yesterday one last time.

    It was so nice to have it nearby for a while, at least.

    Played 3 Bruckner motets, the Redemption music from the Ring,
    a bit of the end of the 1st Act of Die Meistersinger,

    and an extract from the 1st movement of the Symphony #3 in D (Wagner Symphony) by Anton Bruckner.

    Thanks to all that made this possible!!
    I'll miss it....
  3. Lower tones are falling pretty far out of tune. I'm hoping to catch this one after fresh service; I've been stopping by about every day....

  4. I love playing this piano. The acoustics are something.

    I've been hoping to catch it in tune soon.

  5. Are all the pianos going to art centers, or will some remain in public? I feel that some pianos, especially ones that are in a suitable environment like this one, should not be moved. In only a few weeks, Play Me, I'm Yours has done much to inspire others to pursue musical knowledge. This event could touch many more if it lasted longer. I just wish there were some way to ensure that something like this happens again in the future.

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