Pianos remaining after August 27:

Previous pianos in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky:

Previous pianos in suburban Cincinnati and Warren and Butler Counties:

Oxford Community Arts Center

10 South College Ave, Oxford.

Extended play: this piano will be available until September 17.

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  1. This is a very cool piano. A must see!
  2. What a Lovely couple from Waynesville Ohio who stop by lastnight to visit the Play Me, I'm Yours - Street Piano. One of only 35 pianos across the Region in Luke Jerrams Internation Art Installation...

    Be sure to join us again next Sunday at the Sunday afternoon "Front Porch Performance Series" LIVE Outdoor Concerts, 3pm - Free!!!
  3. Come sit on our Porch and tickle the Ivory...

    Through the generosity of the Fine Arts Fund, OCAC, our resident artists, and 4 other regional Arts Centers were invited to participate in this project. Other Arts Centers involved in this grant include Clifton Community Arts Center, Sharonville Arts Center, Kennedy Heights Arts Center and Mayerson JCC.

    Under the theme of international unity, Kris Courtney was inspired to present abstract views of American and UK flags in brilliant primary colors. Chrissy Collopy added her avant-garde expressions, and Stephanie Zing contributed a delightful glass and found object mosaic to the work. Questioning the ownership and rules of public space 'Play Me I'm Yours' is a provocation, inviting the public to engage with, activate and take ownership of their urban environment.

    By promoting a sense of community through music and art, “ Play Me, I’m Yours celebrates public radio’s service to the community, the Fine Arts Fund’s commitment to regional arts of all kinds, and OCAC’s commitment to inspiring the arts in our community.
  4. Join us on the Front Porch this Sunday at 3pm
  5. First Ever - Sunday Front Porch Performance ( Play Me, I'm Yours )

    Special Thanks to Jimmy D Rogers and Laurie Traveline Neyer !!!

    Great crowd, excellent weather and Awesome Music. Be sure to check out the Oxford Community Arts Center for upcoming shows and talent that will grace our Front Porch Series on Sundays at 3pm.

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