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Rookwood Commons

2692 Madison Rd.

Ouside Joseph Beth Booksellers.

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  1. My 6-year-old plays a tune that I think he is making up as he goes along.
  2. We couldn't go to bed until we played one more piano!
  3. I posted a photo on the Hyde Park page earlier because I was looking for "Joseph Beth," not Rookwood. Here's a shot my son got from inside the store of me playing. I played this one several times - this photo is from 8-15-10.
  4. We were so disappointed to find this one had moved a day early. Maybe we can find it at the new location!
  5. Thanks to all who visited the piano at Rookwood Pavilion. Its playing time has now ended and the piano has moved to the Schiff Family Conference Center at Xavier University. We appreciate everyone's support of Play Me I'm Yours.

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