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Sawyer Point

705 East Pete Rose Way.

Extended play: this piano will be available until Sept 17.

Piano painted by Artworks

26 stories & pictures about “Sawyer Point”

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  1. I couldn't resist capturing a shot of this beautiful work of art and enjoyment for all at Sawyer Point in downtown Cincinnati.

    PL Rogers
  2. We played "My Heart Will Go On" and it was fantastic!
  3. We had a great time playing this piano! The sound was great in the tunnel at Sawyer Point.
  4. Here's a video we made on the last night, saying goodbye to my favorite of the pianos. 8-26-10. This is my arrangement of "Simple Gifts."
  5. I played this one several times too; it was probably my favorite. I even went out last night to bid it a fond farewell. This photo is from 8-11-10 and was taken by my son Stephen. I have a video link I'll upload later.

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