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University of Cincinnati

Tangeman University Center.

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  1. I didn't spend a lot of money getting out to the 32/42 pianos I have played thus far, but not knowing the UC campus well, we did cough up a couple of bucks to park in the garage. This one was not in great tune or shape, but my son got some interesting shots of me playing. I like this one the best. This was the last one I played on my first Friday night road trip, 8-13-10.
  2. me visiting the University of Cincinnati piano
  3. Thanks to all who visited the piano at UC. Its playing time has now ended. We appreciate everyone's support of Play Me I'm Yours.
  4. Thirty second stop on the tour- Tangeman University Center at the University of Cincinnati. Though the piano LOOKED fantastic, it wasn't terribly great to play. Out of tune, fragile-feeling...and the B-flat below middle C was busted off. I couldn't play too much, because I play so many pieces in flat keys. Oh well.
  5. My contribution to the "Play Me, I'm Yours" project is performing Charles Ives's "Variations on America" (arranged for piano). Here I'm performing Variation 2.

    I will be blogging about each movement on my website (http://jenniferjolley.blogspot.com/). Stay posted!

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