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Xavier University – Cintas Center

1624 Herald Avenue.

This piano is available from August 27 – September 17.

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  1. Congratulations, Sharon! Great job!
  2. #42! According to Douglas Adams, this number is the meaning of life. Or something like that. This marks the 42nd and last piano location I had to play. The ending was bittersweet, of course. I took both husband and son to mark the occasion, and both took outstanding photos. Son enjoys climbing up on things, so you can guess who took this picture.

    Thanks to WGUC, WMUB and WVXU for sticking around long enough to have an anniversary worthy of this cool exhibit, and for doing all the things to make this happen in Cincinnati. Thanks also to all the musicians and passersby I met on the journey. Finally, thanks to my son and especially my husband, who endured long road trips to uncertain locales in support of my obsession.

    I still plan to try to play a street piano every day until the end, or at least until they take down the one at Graeter's on Fountain Square. But if I don't make that goal after today, I still have a lot to be proud of, and thankful for. Speaking of which, thanks especially to Luke Jerram for coming up with this fantastic idea and sharing it with us.
  3. Thirty eighth stop on the tour- The Cintas Center at Xavier University. This piano used to be at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Rookwood Pavilion. It felt better tonight than it did when it was sitting outside the bookstore. It was late, and the place was next to deserted, other than some maintenance workers occasionally exiting the building. A good time to let my boys run around and burn off some energy.
  4. Nice piano and a good 'remote' location. No blaring music, or hustle-bustle.. Some people were passing by here and there, but a nice place to enjoy the sunrise.

    This piano's in pretty decent shape, so it's certainly playable, and the concrete wall behind focuses the sound back at you.

  5. Come visit this piano at the Schiff Conference Center at Xavier's Cintas Center.

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