Pianos in Grand Rapids:

Founders Brewery

235 Grandville Ave SW.

This piano will be available for you to play between 8am and 10pm.

5 stories & pictures about “Founders Brewery”

  1. Can either one of my daughters play piano? Um, no. But they were pretty excited to find this one painted by our schools' art class. (I so wish that whoever had parked in this NON parking spot hadn't... silly car is in so many of my pics of the kids playing with the piano).

    Loved looking for and finding this!
  2. Easy playing at this juntion.
  3. The start of having fun on the piano at Founders
  4. This piano got wet in the storm last night. All the keys have swollen up and jammed. Our piano technician Dave (our hero) is on his way to see if this can be dried out and fixed up.

    If anyone at Founders - customers or staff see the piano in the rain, can you please cover it. Its for you to enjoy and have fun with after all. Cheers!
  5. The Founders Piano has arrived!!
    Let the late night singing, beer drinking, piano tinkling revelery begin!!!

    Is there free beer for anyone who plays well I wonder????