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条款和条件 / Terms and Conditions


  1. 你同意不上传跟这项活动无关的、不恰当的、不合法的文字、照片或视频。
  2. 你同意只上传你原创的内容或者你上传的内容是得到许可的
  3. 所有上传的内容是属于上传者,而非网站所有。如果你发现有任何侵犯版权或违法的行为,请点击评论边上的“我要报告”。如果发现问题,我们承诺会及时处理并移除这些内容。
  4. Luke Jerram有权使用网站上的任何材料去在全球推广杭州好心琴这一活动。这意味着在你上传你的作品的同时授予Luke这些作品的使用权,即你仍然拥有这些作品的所有权,但同时也允许Luke使用的你的作品,用于推广这个活动。如果你在留言里标明了作品的所有者,Luke在使用你的作品时也会注明相应的作者。



T&Cs don’t have to be in incomprehensible legalese and 5 pages long. Here are ours in clear, plain language. This relates to your use of the site, mostly with regarding uploading content such as comments, photos and videos.

  1. You agree not to post anything unsuitable, illegal or irrelevant (that’s text, pictures or videos)
  2. You agree only to post your own content, or content that you have permission to upload.
  3. All content is owned by the poster, not this site. If you find something that infringes copyright, or is illegal, use the “report this…” button next to the comment to report it. We promise to take a look and remove the content in a timely fashion if there’s a problem with it.
  4. Luke Jerram is able to use any work posted here to help promote streetpianos projects across the world. This means that you grant him a “non-exclusive licence”, which is where you retain ownership of your work, but Luke’s allowed to use it for the stated purpose. If you include a credit in your comment, that credit will be used if the picture or video is used elsewhere.

Thank you for posting you content here – streetpianos just wouldn’t be the same without all your stories, photos and videos.