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Old Jewry

Location: Browns, Old Jewry, EC2

Indoor grand piano available for play weekday mornings (09:00 - 12:00).

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  1. Trevor Crafer plays Brown's
  2. Hey kev p - did you get to the pianos at Brown's, and did you enjoy it?

    Being an ex-pat (I'm from Sydney) I couldn't exactly pack my piano with me and don't have regular access to one. I'm tempted to ask Brown's if they'd let me come in one morning every couple of weeks for a short practice...

    (P.S. 26 out of 29 - beatcha ;) )
  3. I arrived six minutes before (their ) closing on my 21st piano.... alas too much piano had taken place that morning...today.. so I had the photo op'... but was kindly invited back for another (earlier ) breakfast go tomorrow !
  4. D-n-K's Piano Dash took place on 7 July - All 30 pianos played across London in the space of just 12 hours! Tracks from the album No XCUSES were played and funds were raised for the Help for Heroes charity. Please visit www.d-n-k.co.uk.
  5. it's in there somewhere

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