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Camberwell Green

Location: Camberwell Green, SE5

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  1. Got some wonderful sounds out of this piano [by treating it pretty much like an autoharp] despite the swollen keys. Was really nice to have something down in South East London
  2. I played this piano one sunny Sunday morning before the chair got broken. I was playing some boogie woogie and some blues and a passerby listened and thought I was wonderful! I am only an intermediate pianist so that was nice. Later I taught some of the children chopsticks and they wanted me to play from the songbook but I'm not great at reading music. Just want to say I had a thoroughly good time met some nice people and want to say a BIG THANKYOU for the organisers - please keep this event running its brilliantl!
  3. Your new piano will arrive friday late afternoon.
  4. Will the replacement be up by the weekend? I was planning on dropping in maybe Saturday?
  5. A new/old replacement piano is on its way !

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