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Camberwell Green

Location: Camberwell Green, SE5

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  1. I've passed on the details to the piano tuner and maintenance crew.
    If a piano gets wet, the piano keys swell up. Good new is that when it dries the piano becomes playable again.
    Looks like the cover and the piano stool have both gone walkies?
  2. Torrential downpour this afternoon. Now all the keys are stuck. Poor piano!
  3. I've asked the tuner to come and mend the seat and fix the piano.
    Help is on its way !
  4. I enjoyed playing this piano so much. I would always meet people around it and chat, and rope many a passer by into singing.

    I'm completely gutted that on Saturday I went to play and the Chair was broken. In addition, about half the keys were not working either so i guess unless someone fixes it... that's the final innings of the Camberwell Street piano.

    RIP and much love!!
  5. June 29th

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