Pianos in City of London:

Pianos in London:

Liverpool Street Station

Location: Main Exit of Liverpool Street Station, Liverpool Street, EC2

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  1. Why only three weeks? What am I going to do with my lunch times for the rest of the year? My dexterous digitals are seizing up already.
  2. As Keir and I finished playing this one, this lady was overjoyed to stumble across the piano after having passed on her own to a friend
  3. top artwork
  4. D-n-K's Piano Dash took place on 7 July - All 30 pianos played across London in the space of just 12 hours! Tracks from the album No XCUSES were played. Please visit www.d-n-k.co.uk.
  5. Playing excerpt from 'New World Symphony', and 'Yellow Bird'; 11 July 09. Keys 'D' and 'F sharp' weren't working. Very good audience!

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