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Lyric Square

Location: Lyric Square, King St, Hammersmith, W6 0QL
Open 10am- 7pm (I think !) If found locked - keys held at theatre reception.

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  1. Someone rapped with me!
  2. Deep in Take Five... it's not so easy to play the piano standing up - my left leg was taking the strain of my weight (right foot on the sustaining pedal). The poor piano stool needs its broken leg replaced!
  3. Marcuc Nicholson playing Pink Floyd tracks from Dark Side of the Moon at 12 noon Saturday June 27, 2009.
  4. The piano was simply wonderful! Two days ago, I performed for the very first time in public, and it was brilliant, and it really did bring the community together and many people started talking. Today, I came back and played again in an angel costume! I did a duet with a lovely man in a red shirt (I believe his name is Salman?) dedicated to Michael Jackson, and later on I did a duet with another girl who sang. All went lovely and well, and certainly, many children enjoyed the piano! Thank you!!!
  5. Finally i made my public debut as an enthusiastic debutante! . (Had turned up last week, having misread the start date, and found no piano) My earpluggeded wife actually made a video today, but i think we'll stick with the silent still for now. I might see if the next venue (Westbourne Grove this afternoon) turns out better.
    I think this is just a fantastic initiative, and all those things about getting people to talk to each other are absolutely true. I had about 15 minutes playing, and a most appreciative ( and uncritical! ) audience. For me, a s arelative beginner, it's also about gaining confidence playing, and getting used to playing on different pianos in a semi-public sort of way, and i intend to try out as many as possible ove rthe next few days.
    ONE DOWN AND 29 TO GO (assuming Southwark piano returns - such a pity. Bring it back whoever took it!
    Thanks Luke!

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