Pianos in City of London:

Pianos in London:

Middlesex Street Estate

Location: Middlesex Street Estate, Petticoat Tower, E1
(Found up a concrete flight of steps off Middlesex street)
The piano will be locked in the evening so as not to disturb the local residents sleeping in surrounding flats. Key is with office staff (10m to left of piano)

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  1. This is the first piano I played when I came up to London for the day to play as many ;pianos as I could find.
    It was great to tplay in the open air, and meet / talk to the people working and living there.
  2. Katzenjammer play 24 streetpianos including this one!
  3. I found this film on You Tube of the same arts project in Sydney. I thought it may be of interest for anyone hoping to play all the pianos and document their journey?

    Can anyone make a better version for London?
  4. This piano can be found in the square, surrounded by flats, directly b elow petticote tower. The square with piano, can be found up a large flight of concrete steps just off the middle middlesex street.
  5. Just arrived. This piano will be open in the day and then locked at night, so not as to keep families sleeping in flats around the square awake at night. Security office 10m to left, has the keys.

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