Pianos in City of London:

Pianos in London:

Natural History Museum

Location: Natural History Museum, East Garden, SW7 2LA
Gates to the park will be locked at night.

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  1. admin : perlease : what time do they close the garden ?


    kev p
  2. Katzenjammer play 24 streetpianos including this one!
  3. This was the 5th and the last piano I played today. All the keys worked but most of them were out of tune!
  4. My daughter, Hannah, enjoyed "playing" the piano yesterday ;-)
  5. I'm afraid I gave this one a good bashing yesterday morning, but it was irresistible. I am a pianist, not some vandal you understand.

    A lday did take some pictures and may upload them for me!

    What a wonderful project. I played Carnaby Street later and it was great.

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