Pianos in City of London:

Pianos in London:

Natural History Museum

Location: Natural History Museum, East Garden, SW7 2LA
Gates to the park will be locked at night.

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  1. the boy's sharing his inner world with an audience of lovely ladies.
  2. the twins were great. they also played many other beautiful tunes which i couldnt shoot.
  3. one of my usual video shoots from my last trip to london. i dont know any of these guys. the baby is enjoying music near the natural history museum. hope you dont mind me singing. :)
  4. Luke/admin i "ran" to this from work : seems its closes with the museum... is that 6 pm or ... it was shut at 6.30.... could have been the rain or could have been the time the n.h.m shuts.... great location and hats off again !
  5. Mummy found this piano and I loved playing it...it was great fun. Age 6

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