Pianos in City of London:

Pianos in London:

Paternoster Square

Location: Paternoster Square, EC4
Playable in the day, this piano will wheeled out each morning and stored away at night. Playable 8am-7pm

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  1. Singing it out for the people....
  2. Fantastic piano in a great location. Make sure the fellas at night look after it - as it was being put away it got shunted along the ground about 10 feet and it yelled out all around the square...
  3. Britain's Got Talent.

    How fun to sit in the plaza outside Starbucks today in the blistering heat and to see passer by after passer by stop at the piano, play and be met with applause as they walked on.

    Without a piano sat in the centre of Paternoster Square to trigger it, who would have any idea such talent was freely walking around in the most unsuspecting guises.

    An eccentric and generous idea: marvellous. Thank you.
  4. Met this gentleman who had played all the pianos in the city. He was having a whale of a time. Brilliant
  5. I am french, and I am very happy to played a piano one week ago. It's a good event, I'll like there is the same in "Grenoble".

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