Pianos in City of London:

Pianos in London:

Paternoster Square

Location: Paternoster Square, EC4
Playable in the day, this piano will wheeled out each morning and stored away at night. Playable 8am-7pm

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  1. Hi!
    "Young chap t something" was Tristan, my boyfriend, who told me to take a look on the website for his photo! It's such a lovely idea!

    Lucie x
  2. my 10 th piano : and what a beauty : the best out of 11 so far.

    met Holly a fabulous blues/new orleansy/ jazz pianist and we played two made up numbers together.

    young chap ( T something ) whom i thought played piano...i introduced as Sir fredric chopin.... and lo and behold he played chopin's 3rd study in something... excellent in the heat and drew quite a crowd !

    and a gentleman and his lady-wife : aidan ?or Adrian ? red top, england slacks : played a lot of lovely ol time and new time stuff : a real gent when it comes to sharing to piano : hats off !

    I ended up playing summertime, honky tonk train blues-ish, riders on the storm, my own tribute to georgia, fur elise blues-stylee, song for guy and a coupla others...... lovely audience, great acoustics and the piano is my new friend in the city !

    wish they all sounded as good as this baby ±±±
  3. what an amazing idea! this man was playing very beautifully in the bright sunshine on Wednesday.

  4. Hi Kev P
    I'll see if I can find out !
  5. what a wonderful idea, I can't wait for it to come to Bristol where I live

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