Pianos in City of London:

Pianos in London:

Paternoster Square

Location: Paternoster Square, EC4
Playable in the day, this piano will wheeled out each morning and stored away at night. Playable 8am-7pm

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  1. As soon as I heard about this, the following day I rushed down to see how many pianos I could play through, I got about 5 played, and this was the favourite I played in Paternoster Square.
    I thought it was a fantastic idea, and there should be perminant installments of these piano.
  2. Playing this piano was one of the highlights of my trip! I was part of a student-music ambassador group from Houston, Texas, and I played this piano while walking through the city with several of my friends. It amazes me how music is capable of transcending all cultural barriers. Whether we were playing a duet arrangement of Pachebel's "Canon", or something as American as the "Maple Leaf Rag", locals on their lunch breaks and tourists alike stopped to listen to us and even give a friendly applause! I hope that this project is not a one-time thing, so that whenever I get the chance to return to London, I can relive this fantastic experience! Thanks to all who made this possible!
  3. On Sunday 28th June I was taking pictures in the City with the view of uploading them on flickr: It was a very pleasant spound in the distance of classicpiano pieces - at the beginning I thought that somebody was exercising in a nearby house around St paul's Temple Bar. Passing through the archway no little was the surprise to see this young lady belabouring her piece 'al fresco' - it was thought provoking.

    thank you for the wonderful quixotic initiative!
    a memorable trat
  4. it's in there somewhere
  5. i spend a wonderfull moment around this piano near oxford circus, met nice people there
    hope to see that an other time and hope to bring that in paris!
    thanks for that!!
    leslie from paris

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