Pianos in City of London:

Pianos in London:

Plaza Shopping Centre

Location: Ground floor the Plaza shopping Centre, 120 Oxford St, W1D 1LT. Mini grand piano to play 10am -7pm. You can ask security to turn down their muzack.

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  1. me at plaza
  2. Me again at plaza playing te mighty grand
  3. Luke Jerram's "Play Me I'm Yours" street pianos initiative is a reaction of a creative individual to the general rule, prohibiting anyone to play music in public places without special arrangement - no matter how skilful you are at playing your piano or how popular your music is with the audience.

    Any musician would have been stopped immediately by security outside this street festival.

    Camden based artist and professional musician Oleg Lapidus, aka the Pianocrasher proved the point more than once by playing music unexpectedly in public areas and being stopped by security.

    In 2008 he turned society's unacceptance of impromtu music performaces into a provocative creative trend, called Acoustic Graffiti Arts: video recordings of his own music performances and his visual art works, based on music stopped by security.

    Both projects: street pianos and acoustic graffiti arts share the same artistic vision - they encourage general public to create freely and to use public space as their playground.
    Pianocrasher is sincerely delighted to have come across a similarly thinking artist in the UK.

    Mr Lapidus considers "Play Me I'm Yours" project as a variation of his own Acoustic Graffiti concept and a manisfestation of Prohibitivism. It lets people use their creative abilities at places where they normally wouldn't have any chance to.
  4. I played this piano while still at the gallery!
  5. I spy with my little eye something beginning with P ?

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