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Pianos in London:

Portobello Road

Location: Portobello Road (covered area under Westway, opposite 272 Portobello Road), W10 5TY. To play 10am-6pm. Locked at night.

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  1. Jimmy Dean & Steve McQueen live
  2. Someone tipped me 50p while I played today! It was the highlight of my day!!
  3. Like walking back in time to a pub full of people around a battered piano. From school children to the elderly, people play and sing with joy and abandon, bringing out the warmth and sense of community that many claim has been lost in the metropolis. It is oneof the most vibrant pieces of public art yet to grace London's streets - Could we not make it a six week annual event so that it does not need to be simply and sadly committed to memory?
  4. Great job Andre. Next time Denise from next door should sing!
  5. This video was recorded on June 24 2009 at roughly 5:30 PM. I'm a blind musician from the local area, and I thought I'd just go along to see what was happening. My brother and I had planned to go since we read about the event online, so we did just that. This video is a small part of what I played, though it starts off with a young person first.
    Audio recorded from: Iriver H140 MP3 player/recorder, using custom-made binaural microphones for true stereo sound.
    Microphones were clipped to my t-shirt collar, and my brother Dwayne filmed from various angles.
    Camera used: Nokia N82.
    Video and audio were lined up to bring you what we hope is outstanding picture and sound, as the built-in camera sound is just not sufficient to capture the correct atmosphere of the street, the piano and general background ambiance. you can even hear traffic as it passes behind the viewer, from left to right.

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