Pianos in City of London:

Pianos in London:

Portobello Road

Location: Portobello Road (covered area under Westway, opposite 272 Portobello Road), W10 5TY. To play 10am-6pm. Locked at night.

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  1. This is Aisha who lives not far away..
  2. Spent a day in London yesterday visiting the school where my son teaches. I couldn't resist tracking down this instrument in a nice shady spot - played "A Taste of Honey" and a short Beatles medley after waiting my turn. What a great idea!
  3. nice playing and singing leila and I : well done : haven't payed that one yet : shame it shuts at 6 pm...

    kev p
  4. Well well well do we have a little treat for you! badinkadinking our musical wears down Portobello Road...
    If you think your dancing or percussion skills are up to par, please please please don't hesitate to come and join us, and fill the streets of Notting Hill with raucousness!

    Leila and I x


  5. Katzenjammer play 24 streetpianos including this one!

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