Pianos in City of London:

Pianos in London:

Smithfield Market

Location: Smithfield Market, Grand Avenue, EC1
Found in the small round park opposite the market. Gates to the park will be locked at night.

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  1. great project.
  2. Another photo from today. Video's to come later. Events will also be posted for our next jam.
  3. Our first trumpet/piano jazz duo jam for this Street Piano's festival. T'was a success! We really enjoyed playing out in the open on such a beautiful sunny day, hopefully creating a nice atmosphere for the lunchers. We'll definitely be back. :)

    (Just a note to the organisers - this piano really needs a tuning - its strange coz I played on it yesterday and it was pretty much in tune then).
  4. duet from the same morning : D
  5. How amazing...woke up to the tinkling of ivories, where could it be from? Went out later with a very big drink and some Chopin that I used to be able to play blindfold 20 yrs ago and gave it a go. It was a fairly horrific experience for the others in the park I'm sure, but was an absolute joy for me, reawoke all the pleasure I used to get from playing - so, for that, many, many thanks.

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