Pianos in City of London:

Pianos in London:

Soho Square

Location: Soho Square, W1D
To play 8am-8pm. Piano will get locked at the same time as the park gates.

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  1. Luke, this piano is being taken away on Monday right? Which means if I show up at 8am Monday morning it'll still be there?

    *is hopeful*
  2. After seeing about 6 different pianos, this was the nicest looking one :) Shame some of the keys didnt work, and the others were out of tune!!!

  3. it's in there somewhere
  4. Allo adminnies. Any chance we could get the 3 broken keys fixed for final days...... Ta kev @
  5. The Gents and creative nation bring smiles and songs to soho square!

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