Pianos in City of London:

Pianos in London:

Soho Square

Location: Soho Square, W1D
To play 8am-8pm. Piano will get locked at the same time as the park gates.

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  1. Tehe - this was Sat 4th July during London Gay Pride festivities! Rock on, how cool is it that there's piano's all over London! =)
  2. this was great fun, last week ! brilliant stuff ! thanks alice for the invite !
  3. Just wondering if someone knows who was that very talented girl who was playing (and singing) at about 2pm in Soho Square on the 9th of July? What was she playing? It was amazing! I was just passing by and didn't want to interrupt such a lovely song. Cheers!
  4. Hi Emily and James : thanks for your kind and encouraging words !
    Emily , have hit this one 12 times now.. i think.... quick break from work or on the way home...shame they close it at 8 when the park closes at 9.30...

    don't know if this piano's had some work done to it...but last time i played it was reeeaaallll hard work : about 8 notes had gone... particularly in the keys I play in...e.e.e., cccc,,,, g... etc ...

    NOTE TO ADMIN A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE ANNOUNCING THEIR PERFORMANCES ( on many pianos )AFTER THE 13TH... that surely is the LAST DAY... boo-hooo ! ... need your webmaster to amend all those extra performances around invisible pianos...unless they're getting extended.....
  5. Decent Blues....

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